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Bet Advices & Hints

The Main Advices to Make Your Bets More Reliable:
  • Take regular breaks from your games;
- Do not play straight several days in a row, You have to be rested;
- Playing without breaks may cause You a problems when analyzing.

  • decide your monthly gaming stake in advance;
- You need to monitor Your money and control financial exchange;
- It is a crucial to be sure You will not play for more money than You have already picked up for playing;
- Even if You lost do not try to recover filling Your account with more money, every thing should be under control, You as well;

- Use MONEYBOOKERS for Your bankroll!

  • find your favorite teams and focus on them;
- Find Yourself a team which You are capable of watching over very closely, it can be a few ones;
- Do not make bets on teams You do not know at all - it is worthless, You are not a God to predict without any information of it.

  • never play under the influence of alcohol or medication;
- Do not make any stakes when You are drunk or under influence of some drugs or medication as people cannot be objective that time;
- Alcohol and drugs make people more ambitious and brave, but less responsible and adequate.

  • never play if you are in a depressive mood;
- If You are not in a good mood You cannot play as well as You may become a pessimistic or optimistic that time, but You must be neutral thinking;
- Try to do something less responsible and take a break, and back to gambling when You are recovered and rested enough.

  • play only when you are fully rested and concentrated;
- You need to be concentrated on a betting if You want to make as reliable stake as possible, do not pay attention on anything else while You are in the game;
- Ideally could be quiet environment, probably the best time for it is the night.

  • place only 1-2 matches on one bet slip;
- Do not be caught by an ambition to win a lot immediately with a little stake, but with a high factor by doing an express(accumulator) ticket;
- It is very hard to hit the target for 100% when You are putting bet for 6-10 tied up matches, the best choice is 1-4 matches max, perfect could be 1-2, but not more.
- Ideally is to put more money for every match separately. If you put a bets for 10 matches separately carefully analyzing them - it is very possible that You win at least 6 or 7 out of 10 and You will be in a plus. Otherwise You can loose everything if even a single one game You do not predict correctly.

  • never stake at 1.2 or lower odds - optimal 1,5 - 2,5;
- It is worthless to bet on odds like 1.15 or 1.2 as very often leader teams loose, but to win with this You have to put more money, so in consequence You can possibly loose more just for one game;
- The best odds begin from 1.7-1.8 or so, even 1.5-1.6 can be very dangerous but much more reliable than 1.2 anyway.

  • optimal odds are 1,5 - 2,5, lower don`t benefit;
- If we look through the prism of prospect we can assure ourselves that it is worthless to bet on low factors as I already said leaders slip very often, especially now when football became more unpredictable.
  • don`t play often rather use higher stakes;
- Do not consider gambling as a work, it cannot be Your stable work as it is heavily dependent on many other things You are not in control;
- Play a few times per month not more, it is better to choose higher stakes than to bet on a low ones very often.

  • play only if you have chosen a nice bet;
- Do not play if You are not sure which bet can be profitable, better take a day off looking forward to catch up a nice bet tomorrow.
  • bet online.
- Play online watching matches live as this time You can be more informed about a game than before it. Very often some crucial factors happen during the game, and watching it live You can be more wise when betting.

The Widely Spread Mistakes:
  • Failure to be persistent in efforts;
- Try to play consistently, You can even choose a day of betting for every month and be preparing for it.
  • lack of discipline - emotive punters;
- Do not get excited very much when playing as emotions destruct our thinking, emotions bother us very often so it can be very negative when You bet and not calm.
  • ambition to win a lot immediately;
- Do not think You are the chosen one, probably it is not so if You are not a magician. You have to be patient, otherwise You are risking to loose very quickly.
  • still making the same errors for years;
- Learn Your mistakes, look them through after every game and do not repeat them in the future. Remember own errors, even make a notebook.
  • laziness to explore betting offer sufficiently.
- You will not win without putting a mind in work. You cannot be lazy hoping for a luck, You need to analyze the games very carefully. Do not play if You don not have enough time for analytical work before.

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